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It just started yesterday and it also kind of missing
They will totally lock up and I have to pump them before they will release.
also if I put it in reverse it dies any body know what it could be
the tip of the ignition lock cylinder is still in the steering column. do i just drill it out?
I changed out the corroded battery cable on my 2002 Ford Excursion 7.3L Diesel. The positive cable that goes from the starter to both batteries. Once I hooked it up the interior lights and the running board lights tur...
Is there a short cut without removing the Intake?
2002 ford excursion wont go into first gear and makes a grinding sound
The engine stalls when the car comes to a stop or slows down toward a stop.
wont start!! jumped the post and battery is good. Running board lights work and no juice anywhere else except two little red lights on dash that are comming on when you open the drivers door. Also there is a humming n...
when applying the brakes going over 35mph the front end starts to shake
sometimes i can turn my truck off but the radio continues to play,Even when i open the door,Then it don't come on when i start the truck,this has happen maybe two to three times a mouth.
I'm old school and when I looked for the sparks plugs I chould only find what appeared to be some kind electronic device close to the fuel rail. so the question is where and how do you change out the sprak plugs
I have a 2002 excursion and the abs light is coming on have had a p0720 and p0722 code have been told to check wiring from oss sensor to pcm need to know where pcm is located and if any other problem may resualt when ...