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The Indiana told way broke my windshield and i need estimate because there asking for it if you could help me I will really appreciate..
I was playing with the keypad on the door and accidentally locked the rear glass and now it won't unlock any way I attempt. Is this a code I need to put in the keypad. Dealerships act like they don't know what I am ...
How much should it cost to replace a fuel filter, air intake heater relay, and exhaust backpressure sensor on a 2000 Ford 4WD Excursion with 7.3 litre Powerstroke diesel turbo? This was determined by diagnostics run ...
Can not locate EGR , no tube running from exhaust manifold and no DFPE on throttle body. Have a rough idle and rough acceleration but runs smooth until it hits lower RPM
Both lights came on this past weekend, by the time we arrived at home- BOTH units now pull heavy to the right at slow speed and you can feel the brake pedals pulsate. I am stumped because both units the same day with ...
I was told to spray wd 40 in driver door latch would normally fix the problem but it didn't (for the lights).
How do I replace the ABS Brake sensors in the Excursion. Is the a sensor located in the differential ?
It ran well until the last time I used it... What should I do to get it started and start using it again?