It ran for a min then would not run anymore the knocking would speed up with the rpms and it died and wouldn't start again need advice don't want someone do me wrong I'm a girl that only knows a little about vehicles

Specifically I have available a tyranny from a 2010 e450 v10. Will it fit

all other gears seem to work fine. fluid is full.

I can feel cold air but the fan is not working.

Signal, hazard, and brake lights don't work.

My 2008 E 350 air stops blowing when its going up hill and shifts into lower gear?

Problem seemed intermittant but now wont start at all.

the a/c goes to windshield vent when you accelerate the vehicle .

On my f350 6.4 powerstroke my high pressure fuel pump is failing. what other problems can it cause and can I get instuctions on how to change it

first time