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My key tumbler was changed year and a half ago for key stuck, last month the switch and tumbler was changed because key again. And a month later Mechanic changed the key because of key getting stuck again. I have to m...
I have also just replaced both belts from the duel alternator and just had the oil changed so what up with my truck
At first the van died, was able to jump start it to drive it home. Let it run for an hour to charge up. When I turned it off wouldn't start again and couldn't jumpstart it again.
Problem is always present. No apparent corrosion of ground wiring. Rear running lights work fine. Brake controller for electric brakes is working.
when turn key on all the clusters max then read , the temp goes below C
i had to remove and clean the sludge out of the oil pan and tube but i now have pressure. the only thing is that it dr started and tripped a code how do i prevent this i assume i need to prime the pump but it is mount...
i need the length of time called for replacing oil pump on 06 ford e350 5.4lt vin “L”
sometimes the reverse lights will just stay on, and when hitting bumps they flicker. the back up alarm also beeps on and off with bumps, we pulled the fuse to that because it bothers our patients.
vehicle has a bad clock spring
AC shuts down when driving the vehicle up hill. Heater duct shuts off.
Van has 350,000 miles and steering is loose. Replaced the Ball Joints and the radius arm bushings at 300,000 now most likely needs the tie rods. What should this cost?
how much would that cost?
how do i get the rear rotors off
where is the oil pressure switch located on a 2006 ford E-350 6.o L v8