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rear anti lock light on and spongy brakes rear wheel cylinder was leaking replaced rear passenger wheel cylinder. bleed brakes still problem
Now engine won't start. Can't hear fuel pump click on either
first time it occoured no problem going home with out the boat
When the key is out of ignition I still have dash indicator lights on. I've been told its the starter; the park/neutral ignition switch; the starter relay... this video is exactly what the vehicle does now https://www...
Back lines are corroded and don't want to replace
All of our other lights work. Tail lights - headlights and turn signals all work. What could be wrong with the hazard and brake lights?
then reves up in sperts starts shuttering then dies
the computer shows mass sensor not working engine runs rough stalls out this is a 5.8 ltr vans can be hard to work on nothing is in same place as the truck
I went to Advanced autoparts store to get replacement sensor for the one ontop of the differential. They had 2 different ones that were identical in looks. One was an ABS sensor the other a speed sensor. I was replaci...
Speedometer oscillates violently when vechicle goes over any size bump
Cable inside the rear brake drum is broken and I do not know how the upper end disconnects. There seems to be a large, steel washer but I do not know how to remove it in order to replace the cable. I have the 3.5" w...
I have isolated the front from the rear and determined the front is the cause to the pedal bleeding down. I bleed numerous times. Booster works perfectly, no air leaks. Only rear abs. I also replaced both calipers. To...
this van utilizes the thick film system, it gets power to the coil also power to the neg side but will not flash. i replaced the module,still same problem. next should try the hall effect or the ecm? this is expensive!