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it won't start in the morning but after it has been started it will start. have to use either to start
No start, no spark. replaced starter relay, ICM, dist. cap, rotor. Has good compression and fuel pressure. Old sparks were spaced wrong. this is 5.8L 8cyl superclub.
what dose it take to remove the engine from a 1991 E350 van econoline ....it has a cleveland 351 in it...dosr the front clip come apart to enable this removal?
1991 E350 351 winsor in a motor home chassy need to drop oil pan down to change rod bearing ...will pan come downor do i have to rasie engine or take exhaust down too?
When cranking the engine to start Im not getting anything from the coil to the distributor and therefore nothing to the plugs. I have replaced many parts (coil, ignition module)and am down to the brain. When I unplug ...
My '91 ford E-350 Econoline Diesel 7.3 L is starting hard. When engine is cold (not- run-for-over-eight-hours) it starts up right away, BUT ONLY RUNS FOR 3 SECONDS AND STALLS. It can't be the glo-plugs, because it d...
THE MECHANIC says no brake fluid in the vacuum hose, but the fluid IS disappearing from the Brake Master. I'm SURE THAT it is being sucked into the engine (?) VIA the BRAKE -POWER-BOOSTER. ~ THANKS (?)
battery is bad, but when jumped van is not starting it turns over but does not catch to rev up?
have replaced fuel pumps,filter, both modules