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doesn't appear to water in the oil. engine runs rough, check engine light came on says misfire at #1. ever since I put a new radiator in I started having the coolant issue.
I have checked fuel pressure and performed a fuel volume test. I disconnected all 3 catalytics and drove, same problem. When I cycle the ignition while running the engine accelerates fine 2 times, then it goes back to...
those codes came up on the scanner what would you recommend i should replace to fix problem?
2000 for E 250 van wouldn't start after 30 minutes or so it started did that several time over a few month. Then one day it wouldn't start at all. shop said it was a fuel pump replaced it was fine for a couple week...
What is the level of difficulty to change the power steering high pressure hose on a 2000 Ford E250 Van? What is a fair estimate cost for a mechanic to do the replacement?
2000ford van starts ok runs but has no power at all will hardly pull no trouble codes when scanned tryed o2sensor right bank by engine scanner was showing a low reading but this didnt correct tryed plug coils one at a...
need to find location of flasher under dash to replace flasher don't want to pull wrong one thanks
do I replace the sensor on the differencal and how do you do that or what else could be the problem?
how much would it cost to replace an engine in this truck