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rr shoes and drums, rr wheel cylinders and bleeding system,frt brake rotors, frt brake calipers RR brake shoes rear brake drums and brake fluid rear wheel cylinders Ceramic front pads frt brake rotors and front ...
how much would it cost to get my rocket cover gasket replaced in my 1998 ford fiesta??
this seems to be more prevalent after the engine heats up and also, I pull a small motorcycle trailer. This van is a con version van and therefore is heavier than cargo versions,
Had van tested 2 times on test one failed on high side by 2 points and just passed with 98 measured. Second test failed on slow of 104 measured and passed on high what to do now?
I added a new alternater and battery and van still wont stay running..battery charge indicator goes dead within a few minutes of starting then van won't start at all
Truck stated running bad, like it was only running on two or three cylinders. Was always back fireing. Once speed reached mph, it ran a little bit better. Took in to check codes and it showed that massive air flow cen...
it started a while ago but I still travel with it as long as I go easy on gas pedal it drives ok,but if I dont pick up speed before I reach a hill it causes my car to sputter because I have to give it gas to stay with...
ac runs hot despite hot/cold switch position. Freon level okay, compress works fine. When the heater core lines are squeezed, the ac blows ice cold where is my problem?
ac runs hot all the time. freon levels good, compressor good. get ice cold ac when the heater box heater lines are clamped. cold/hot switch on dash has no effect