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Just bought it. Has been sitting for about 4 years,owner had replaced Push rods,fuel filter.. Van was completely out of gas.bone dry. Could it be injecters clogged? What's easiest way to clean them? Also anyone know w...
Front passenger side power window does not work. It won't go up or down. Any ideas on how to fix this myself?
Brake light in dash has to be on to be able to use wheelchair lift.
my heater doesn't blow air @ any setting. you can feel warm air but the blower isnt working. I ordered a blowere relay but not sure where it goes in fuse box. I don't have a diagram
how much fluid does the transmission hold
recently the ss steel heater supply that is bent at 90 degrees that is pressed into the manifold started spraying at the seal is there a way to get it out without removing the manifold.
Will a newer model 4.2 bolt right in to my van or does it have to be tweaked