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have bad upper header - i an told this will cause egr false readings and bad mile age
verified connections at cluster and speed sensor at differential cked fuses dont see any obvious harness trouble, problem occurred while vehicle was sitting between bi weekly trips all other cluster functions are norm...
all other lights work, but not reverse and no blower motor, don't know if they are on the same circuit or/not, can't find a wiring diagram,,,, thanks for the help
this is the first time ever happened, never had electrical problems before! Now not even the interior lights, digital spedometer andything comes on..like there is not battery or electrical system in it!
the van started up and ran for about 8 minutes then it just died and will not run now it want idla if its does start it just dies like its not getting fuel but got gas and spark. any idea why this has happen and what ...
high brake pedal spongy feel