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Battery is brand new, cabls are clean and tight. It starts fine when cold. After a long trip it drags like it doesn't want to start. After it cools down it starts up fine.
I own a 1991 Ford E250 Cargo Van - The transmission will not engage in gear to go forward, reverse works fine, I've dropped the pan replaced the oil filter I've added Trans X and still will not engage in any of the ge...
it shakes hard and I want to know if its the fuel system or a blown head gasket
How does one repair this ? and How do you repair this ?
So my van was running, but real bad i checked spark plugs the gap was off alot i got new spark plugs and gapped them properly now my van wont start ?
This vehicle has had a steering problem ever since it was purchased new. Numerous repairs have been made but it still requires a firm grip and concentration as it pulls from side to side. It IS controllable and does w...
The A/C needs recharging every year or two. Had it retrofitted but still seems to leak. Had Leak repaired - it still seems to leak.