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I have had problems with shuddering from 30-45 mph all the time. Occasionally I will experience slippage. The slippage seems to happen when weather is cooler and takes awhile for the gear to switch out of 1st into 2n...
Replaced tie rod. Ball joint seems stable, but won't take grease.
Rear unit has a vacuum operated valve in the heater hose to rear unit. Outside or inside air works fine on front unit.
Heater not working in van. Blower works fine. Help!!!
Vehicle has no A/C. 4.2L engine. Econoline.
I have the same problem like one of our friend here.I replace multiple parts; all upper and lower ball joints, aligment 3 times, 4 brand new tires, new steering box, and joint components, new rear air shocks and other...
have a 1997 f-150 with the 5.4 motor ive replaced all 8 plugs and coils its mising and losing power and jerks no check engine light on or it shows no codes.what could be the deal?? also how do i go about replaceing th...
Ive looked everywhere and cant find where to fill the window washer fluid.
I have wd-40'd all the doors and the lights still wont shut off back floor lights will not turn off, help!
already replaced plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter, injectors cleaned - still runs rough
runs fine on interstate - i put new plugs and it still does it