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Heater not working on my 1997 E150 Econoline Ford Van

I need an experts response cause it's been tinkered with several time's with no luck @ being fixed. No

I have had problems with shuddering from 30-45 mph all the time. Occasionally I will experience slippage. The slippage seems to happen when weather is cooler and takes awhile for the gear to switch out of 1st into 2nd. A mechanic told me it felt like torque converter issue. I was hoping to take care of the problem by replacing accessible sensors before delving into complete transmission repair. There doesn't appear to be any codes least I wasn't informed of any. Is there a sensor or set of sensors that may remedy this problem. Tranny fluid is nice and red, not sure if it was flushed before I purchased about a year ago. If there is a sensor or set of sensors that might take care of the problem, what are they and where are they located? I have a 4R70W transmission in a Ford e150 5.4L Econoline Club Wagon.

Replaced tie rod. Ball joint seems stable, but won't take grease.

Rear unit has a vacuum operated valve in the heater hose to rear unit. Outside or inside air works fine on front unit.

Does not have A/C.

Heater not working in van. Blower works fine. Help!!!

!997 van. Econoline.

Vehicle has no A/C. 4.2L engine. Econoline.

The differential looks like there is a leak?

I have the same problem like one of our friend here.I replace multiple parts; all upper and lower ball joints, aligment 3 times, 4 brand new tires, new steering box, and joint components, new rear air shocks and other things that I can`t remember at this time and the truck still wonder side to side. I put air shock because I carry a lot of tools and I notice it got lower in the back a little bit and I want to distribute the weight . Now the truck look even like factory. It gets worse when it hits a bump. I can`t go in the expressway because it gets very difficult and dangerous to drive. Some times I let the steering wheel go and it drive straight until I hit a bump. In the expressway right after I pass the 40 mile per hour mark ,bump or no bump it start to wonder side to side. I hope if anybody found a soluccion for this, let me know, It will be very appresiated.

have a 1997 f-150 with the 5.4 motor ive replaced all 8 plugs and coils its mising and losing power and jerks no check engine light on or it shows no codes.what could be the deal?? also how do i go about replaceing the 5.4 with a older 302 motor?

Ive looked everywhere and cant find where to fill the window washer fluid.