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My vehicle will not start,no fuel pump pressure. No power to the #7 fuse,anyone know what to do?
Engine did not over heat. But when I parked there was a hissing of coolant under the van at the driver side rear wheel area-like the classic "pop the hood radiator leak". Why at the rear and what am I looking for to ...
Put new Egr valve Egr Volve sensor&Vac solenoid cleaned hole under Egr still light come on do u no what is next?at 22 miles light come back on with same Po 401 code all done this week also blew with air n hole
After a few seconds you can hear it power back up and you can start it back up and go a little longer.
the horn blow continuously when connetion is made btb harness and 92 assy that is being installed. why is this and how can i rectify this
i changed the thermostat and flushed an filled with new anti-freeze. i still dont have heat, feels like the ac is on, even with the climate control on heat.
once it heats up if I turn off the turn it will not even turn over. I have replaced the starter, battery, and coil but no luck
book said there is a hose there of back of water pump