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Had high idle 37mph down the road! I replaced the throttle position sensor and idles properly now, sounds great, installed new battery that night. Ran for 3 days sat for 2 days in below freezing weather. Finally sta...
When I brake the pedal goes to the floor. Puddle of brake fluid under steering. Need ballpark cost to fix.
Plus is replacing the transmission tailshaft seal easy to replace
Wiring being the least likely, that leaves the 4 speed switch, blower resistor, and is there also a relay??? Where are the resistor/relay?
i replaced battery but still goes dead overnight
by cutting where the leak is. Now its leaking where I cant see it I would like to eliminate the rear hose all together but I cant find which hose to bypass
have replaced, fuel filter, ingine idle contol valve, engine control module, plugs,plug wires, cap and rotor. the speedomoter jumps back and forth, and the cruis control don't work right. ever so often it will run fin...
sparks and wires looks good dry no crakings
when van is pulling the air flow in front changes from front vents to defrost vents.Have checked rear fuses at loss help.
trans wont engage in drive, only 1st and 2nd gear
Having intermittent heating problem. I replaced thermostat, still having same issue.
nether blower is working fuses are good and relays are good no power at switches to feed blower moter
the ac works but dont blow air from the dash only from the side of the winshield
Hello, looking for the best price for a good used, rebuilt or reman engine for a 1995 Ford E150 Cargo Van Straight6 300cu 4.9L Y series engine without O/D, Also looking for a good price to install engine. Thank you v...
My washers have stopped working on my van. I suspect it's the washer pump gone bad. How difficult is it to change the pump and where is it located? I hope the problem is not in the switch in the steering column instead.