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just replace the harness it was in bad shape can't find a fuse or relay to reset please help
Thing runs decent but kills a battery while goin down the road lights flicker but it runs at an idle with positive cablw off of battery so that tells me the alternator is workn or it would die rite?
I changed the distributor cap and rotor,spark plugs and wires. Before I did all that it was running
I'm putting in a engine watch way does crank go and how should I set timing and distributor
When I go to crank my truck in the morning I turn the switch on and I hear the fuel pump come on.Sometimes it keeps running like its not building up pressure and the truck is very hard to get cranked.When I turn the s...
sometimes idles very low. It has cut out at highway speeds and kicked back in by switching tank switch. 20MPG in town and dies, will not restart. Wait 5 minutes and starts up and runs. Backed out of garage, 10 minutes...
sat for 3 hours after running for 2-3 hours highway speeds and some city. Tried to start and it cranks great will not start. I floored the pedal to shut off the fuel but I never smelt fuel. After many attempts crankin...
I changed the small flasher behind the big one on drivers legwell floor.
The guy i bought the truck off of said he had the tranny changed, and it's got the wrong tail shaft on it, and you can't hook the speedodometer cable back up.It dies when you get to 35 mph can that cause that, and whe...
brake lights turn signals &hazard lights all just shut down . WHAT COULD THIS BE WHERE WOULD I START LOOKING
does anyone know where the neutral safety switch is located on a 1990 ford e150 van,4.9l...6 cyl automatic?
battery is good,starter is good..solenoid is good..no crank...thinking about replacing alternator next...help please.