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My first and second gear is fine but when it goes into 3rd it slips and wont go into 4th ANY SUGGETIONS SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE NO LIGHTS ARE ON the inside it was running just fine 2 days ago

Beginning of summer, my AC wouldn't work, just hot air. AC started working months later. Now no heat, just cold air.
When AC wasn't working, I got my car stuck in sand. Tried digging out but eventually got it pulled out by tow truck. The following day, I tried AC and it worked. Not sure if related some how or just a coincidence.

I checked under my car there aren't any leaks, and there is gas in the car. My check engine light is on but has been since I bought it. I got the code for oxygen sensors about a month ago. Can anyone let me know what's going on?

the window is coming out of the track the last inch of the up position. Have replaced regulator & motor twice. followed mfg.instructions to the letter. If I push window up when activated works fine. glass misalligns @ end of stroke. POLICE INTERCEPTOR.

2006 ford crown victorial won't come out of park since replacing brake light switch plugged in while car was running brake light are now working where as before they were not

Shifts fine in drive. Transmission fluid level is fine. Happened abruptly after a 100 mile trip. Its an intercept.

My car air conditioning works perfectly. But when i torn the heat on it only blows air. It is EATC equipped and when i turn the temperature control up for heat. It does not get hotter

Every time it is in cooling mode this occurs. Cold air comes out of the defrost vent as well as the floor heat ducts.

It does lock and unlock automatically. It does not lock with the pssgr door button.

2006 Ford Crown Vic Police Package overheats while idling with AC on. When idling with the AC on the temp of the car shoots through the roof and the temp warning light turns on and the AC starts to blow hot air and the car acts as if its going to stall out.

And I replaced the switch behind the brake pedal two days ago