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Car not idilng after start up but will start everytime. No throttle response when I touch the gas
replacing the brake light switch all it was is a proceedure that's in the drivers manual to reset the interlock shift switch that takes about 3 or 4 minutes if I only took the time to read about the interlock shift sy...
also vehicle vibrates while at light and strong odor of gas when running
I plugged it in while car was running not thinking in a hurry heard a little pop like u would when u plug anything in while something is on I was hoping that I didn't burn the new switch but the brake lights are now w...
Its not the heater core. The fan blows but cold air think its switch.
I replace some fuses check relays and still and it has a new battery im trying to find the ingnition switch does any body knows where is locait or any schematic drawingss pls
I am seeing loss in power. Does not accelerate the way it was.
When I put the car in gear 1 gear extends winding it self then it goes into sec right in to third with a quickness what could that be transmission slip??
Tried to hit gas again and car just started to slow down. What is this
I have replaced the switch and bulbs and still have no brake lights and when the car is in park I can not shift it but if the switch is disconnected I can shift could it be the MFS
It happens with regular acceleration or quick take offs. The wrench symbol comes and car loses almost all power.
If not, howk much should it cost to get it done. My headlights arent working, but the emergency flashers work if the switch is held. I was told it was the light control module. Does that sound about right? Thanks for ...