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how do i get to the dash lights and replace them
the door panels are the window control and doorlocks and the geal selector just wil not turn off even when car is off...so i have to unplug the battery eacj time i park..the car has a dijital dash but it works fine......
also when excelerating
car runs rough when cold or damp
there is a clicking noise from driver side and battery keeps draining car starts with hot shot
i did some -- i disconnect the wire from the water sensor but no help.
had the car 6 years no problems suddenly last night while driving head lights went on and off two times then ok and 5 minutes later began again to go on and off for for a few miles the ok again
I took my crown vic in to have the heating coil replaced. the heat blew hot air and the air conditioner blew cool air out of the vents before I took it in to have heating coil replaced. I had the heating coil replaced...
Replace Dash Light
the heater fan stopped working in april 2010, it started again in sept 2010, it worked for approx a week then stopped and has not worked since, i can feel a little heat but there is no fan. is this something major
I went to start my car my steering wheel was locked. so i sticked the key into the ignition and tried to turn it over but is was locked and wouldn't start.
I have a 2000 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. The other day, The horn started sounding going down the hiway, Made a left turn and it stopped. When turned the wheel to straighten the car and park it the horn started ...
i just bought a 2000 crown vict n my steering wheel is stay stuck n den loosen up wen i hit the turn would it b the rack opinion or the tied rod
I was looking for a problem with my battery going dead after setting for a day or two. I had a volt meter between the battery and the negative battery cable and was disconnecting things hoping the voltage would drop w...