The ball joints look good and the tierod ends are looking good. The only thing that looks rough is the stabilizer links

when I turn off engine the fan or some other engine keeps running and runs the battery down just started doing this

More often in it cold outside. I always let the car warm up first.

I hit the unlock button it pops but I can't get it to latch close I tried and tried to pop it

I think i have an electrical issue with my 2000 Crown Victoria not turning over. Will crank but won't start. We narrowed it down the last few days to a power to ground that had a short coming from the engine wire harness. We cut the Red wire and the car started up. Its running rough with a bad miss. So, not sure if i need to replace the harness or if its an O2 sensor or not. My mechanic says it's Failed/shorted B2S1 O2 sensor. Would this stop the car from starting?

During start and drive my car idles at 3000 rpm

Sounds like something is coming apart or about to pop off. Have changed ball joint 6 to 7 times on this car and I dont understand why.

The inside vents are smoking while the heat is on and is causing the windshield to fog up immensely and I'm sure it is linked to a blackish fluid that recently started dripping from underneath the passenger side glove compartment all of which happens while I'm driving

i drove it twice today already and have never had this problem. the temperature dropped by quite a bit very quickly and i was wondering if that could be why? it acts like its trying to start but wont fully get there, i have never had this problem before. no weird noises, as far as i know all fluids are good except i do need an oil change other than that idk what could be wrong.