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I have a 97 Crown Vic P71 (4.6L). My battery light has been popping on and off intermittently for about 2 months. I had the local bozo at the parts store check it out. The battery (5yrs old) has low amps. Supposed to ...
I have replaced the battery, serpentine belt and tested the alternator. I believe the idle is not adjusting properly for the extra strain. What may be the possible problem area?
Fuel pump location
how to replace fuel pump
I have a 97 Ford crown victoria. It's been sitting for a year after my mom parked it . She got to sick to drive. Now that car is mine and it won't start I bought a new battery still won't turn over I tried putting gas...
the spark plugs were recently change, and i took it to get a check engine light diagnostic and it said it was a cylinder misfire, what can be the cause and how can i fix the problem?
hoses are hot , thermo not sticking, heater core not clogged but no heat inside my crw vic police interceptor where can I check to find the problem, also blend door operating fine.
been through two inspections, not ready rejections
codes are 171 & 174 runnung too lean , 02 sensors also