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This problem happens every time I start my car and does not go away, while I'm driving and proceed to slow down the car jumps while I'm pressing the brakes...
Car scanned in Auto Zone code 632 and 326,when is cold on drive shif it has a delay of 30 sec. It usually happens in the morning.
my check engine light comes and and goes off. the computer checks says that it's a problem with the egr valve. can this cause exhaust fumes around the car?
Bought this car today knowing I have some squishy movement in automatic shifter on the column. Kinda have to play with it to get it into the gears. It is off a bit. That is the code 634 right? Is that a bad MLPS? ...
I read that it could be a upper manifold gasket failure. What other issues could cause this to occur. I am fairly decent with repairs if it is a gasket is this something that is easily done in a couple of days?
do you have to remove the frame on my crown vic in order to replace the brake lines? can,t you simply bypass the exising by mounting new lines on the outside of frame If so I would like to make appointment for you ...
Can move into gear while car is off n park. Move to neutral, n it will crank,n move n gear reverse or drive.
I have been told the entire brake line needs to be replaced from front to back. How much should this cost (I need a good estimate please).
i recently had a radiator hose replaced but i still have fluid leaking if you look on the ground its by the rear of the front tires in the middle of the car i was told there is a pipe in there above the intake that ma...
Both of these components failed a pressure test. I was quoted an estimate of approximately $1100.00. Is that a reasonable amount? Thanks
the battery is good i just replaced the headlight socket and headlight switch both had burns on them
my dash lights went out, then tail lights