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My car drives fine until about 4 hours on my route then it stalls and sputters until it dies. It cranks up and runs for a little bit longer but throws the code P0304. I was installing a new fuel pump but noticed my fu...
I'm looking at buying this car is it difficult to fix and what other problems may arise?
so my car stalled and got it towed to the shop. they said it was the fuel pump. it was changed and a whole new tune up, coil pack, plugs, wires ect. the car is still in the shop and they are baffled. they say its fue...
I have a problem with a tire that has a broken steel belt in it. The car sways and shakes violently when I get it up to 50-55 mph. it also loses brake power. What would cause this problem?
after replacing the thernastat i noticed idler belt was shredded.....how do replace it.......
over heats in just a few mins of cranking pictures would be great too im no machanic l.o.l
2000 ford contour just started doing this gas gauge goes down while driving down street and gas light will come on but i know it has gas just put gas in what could be causing this problem
When urnig to the left there is a grinding noise heard by the right brake area.
Ive noticed coming on more and only when accelerating
Battery was just replaces. When trying to start the engine nothing happens, key won't turn on.
I just replaced the battery so I am wondering what the problem could be.