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I'm trying to replace water pump on my car. I am down to the cam pulley and need to use the breaker bar method but when I go to start my car it just blinks the alarm, dash, signal, and brake lights periodically. when ...
Took to FF Tire to see if they could find out why it was leaking transmission fluid and to check for any other issues before long drive. Also had just bought the car with only about 42000 miles on it. They couldn't f...
The lower ball joint needs to be removed and a new one installed
No check eng light when driving on long trips. Only in town
I've tried looking for it in my chilton book, but I can't find it anywhere. I changed the rear one, but my mechanic says I need to change the front as well.
The bushings are bad on both tie rods and both control arms.
I put the fluid in the engine coolant recovery resservoir instead. Problem is I can not drive the car due to having no control with the steering while driving, and found the right place to put the fluid buy it's full,...
car runs hot, has new radiator, new head gasket, new thermostat.
Mine was broken. I need to remove and replace the assy. for state inspection. Have no idea what to do
how do I repair the drivers side window myself
where is the power train control module located?
just started but transmission makes a little noise
engine idles rough I wwill like to know where is my maximun air flow sensor is located? thank you. we all appreciations. the engine idles rough. I will like to know where is the maximun air sensor is located? wi...
Drives great under 40 mph above that it acts like it dont know when to shift.Had code read it came back to trans range code but later found out that trans dont have trans range sensor but does have trans speed sensor ...
It drives fine under 35 mph over that it dont shift right it jumps all around like its not sure to shift or not.