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It looks to be easy to access from the front , but I need to know how to release & load the belt tensioner.
Current owner states this is an all wheel drive van but it has button on the dash that has something to do with 4 wheel drive. Can someone explain how all this works on this Ford product.
Even after driving 5 miles the front air system only managed to blow lukewarm air. The engine was at normal operating temperature after a couple miles. What do I need to do to resolve this issue?
want to loosen the big nut on the fan clutch
SOmetimes when starting up my Van, before engaging Transmission, I will hear a rumbling coming from what seems to be passenger middle to back side. The rumbling will go away after driving. This has been going on ...
What does it entail?
can the rack be rebuilt?
i have a 97 aerostar van. It is very dependable but the power steering has been leaking for a while. It has gotten really bad now. Can the rack be rebuilt?
After it warms up it runs ok. Check engine light is on.
I took my van in to a mechanic because is was jumping and jerking. He told me my head had a hairline crack. I had no water in the oil and was not over heating. I went to NAPA and got a printout of my codes. It told me...
the van will go into reverse but when changed to drive, 1st or 2nd gears the engine shuts off and no forward progress is made. any help out there?
The steering has become very loose, can move the steering wheel way to right or left before car actually turns. Am not driving until I find out what it might be and how much to fix.
hi, ive got a 1997 ford aerostar that we cannot get to start, someone said that it was the crankshaft position sensor so we replaced that, and it still is not working, although the symptoms of a bad crankshaft positio...
Check engine comes on after 3 miles. code p0133 02 is read. This happened 35 miles after oil change. Can oil or leaking head gasket cause this?