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Only had the van three days and this has just started. Please I am hoping that this is fixable without having to go to a mechanic.
I am trying to change the spark plugs on my 1995 aerostar and am unable to get to the passenger side
thermostat changed, heater core changed,temp gugage low at all times. Cardboard in front of radiator raises tempature gugage still no heat. remove cardboard and gugage immeadately drops back
what causes it to over heat and lose water
Started after my son replaced the speaker wire, told me that it got coughed somehow when he was pulling it,
Both cables by gas pedal has the plastic adjusting part broken how do I replace it?
During steady throllle or cruise control the vehicle stumbles and won't take throttle input. If I stop and leave in park it idles fine and runs smoothly through the RPM range. If the key is cycled off then on it will ...
be it ac or heat, its defrost or off... no other settings work.. can I just hard fix it to vent , and my rear air only comes out on the floor HOT