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Engine pulsates up & down, up, & down "at cold start only," then runs evenly, but lacks major power. Bad Gas Millage, but no emmisions smell really. It's a 3.0liter short-wheel base van w/ rebuild 80,000miles ago. It ...
took the distribitor cap off and found a broken router button. replaced cap and button still want start and its not firing. whats up?
With the engine running the temp indicator slowly rises to about the o in the word normal then drops down to cold. This cycle continues throughout the entire trip. Rarely get hot enough to warm the car,
The AWD rear differential growls when turning corners.
the 1993 Ford Aerostar 4.0L AWD has started shaking and vibrating very bad. Is there anyway to disengage the AWD without taking out the front driveshaft and transfer case??
well this would be the second time it done this but when i am driuving it will run fine but when im done driving and i wanna drive it will but when i come to a stop light an start slowing down to stop it will jerk an ...
will not start but the fuelpump is running all the time
van overheated, can see water running out from behind engine
changed the fuel filter between the tank and motor does this also have the filter on the fuel pump in the gas tank if so how much to replace the filter
The door was slammed shut one day and won't open anymore. pulling on the handle causes the door to make a "clunk" sound in the back like it is released, but it still won't budge.
my 1993 ford aerostar will not start
how do i know it it is the power steering pump is out or if the line needs to be changed out.