1992 Ford Aerostar Questions

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Is my engine blown

Seams like the fuel pump is not pumping fuel.

van shimmys at 45 mph tap lightly on brake it goes away but immediatly comes back did the tie rods got new tires (balanced and aligned) even had new rubber bushings on upper control arms.

van cranks but will not turn over

92 ford aerostar 4.o makes a whinning noise when driving it, but just when you let off the gas. Also makes a big klunk when you put it in reverse

IT left a lot of transmission fluid on the highway. Transmission appears to work correctly.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1992 Ford Aerostar?

Nevermind. Found it. =)

getting no fuel to the rail na will not start

I just bought a 92 aerostar 3.0l and the engine light is coming on I put oil in it bc it was a quart low but light still coming on.Can a power steering problem enable the engine to come on?

if i start out in OD it goes into gear & slips...If I start in D..everything is fine except it won't shift into OD at hiway speed

My van still starts and attempts to run. How do I know for sure that when it over heats and then cools down and starts running again that it is the head gaskets?
May be there was another issue like needing motor oil because it was low. How do you know for sure?

hi Roy, are you saying i can leave the radiator in , or remove for better access?

exactly which parts, do I have to remove for access to change the pump, the clymer and chilton manuals have a couple of differences,and can i do it from standing in the front,or do i need bottom access? THANKS

anyway to buy a little time with a slight weephole drip

how to fix?