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Dodge Neon Flooding in trunk and floor boards

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The trunk seems to fill with water when it rains or you wash ir, then runs under the back seat and floods the floor boards, front and back, this causes mold, mildew and rust, not to mention oder. the problem is water leaks in around the tail light seals and bolts also around the seal of the trunk. Chrysler is aware of this problem but no recalls and they wont correct it. It is a manufactureers defect. a little silicone around the tail light seal and bolts, and re-seal the weather stripping seems to work but elbow grease is the only way to get the water and mold out... Thanks chrysler for your help....NOT if you google this problem you will find hundreds of same stories, i contacted chrysler and just got a email saying take it to the dealer and let them check it. I already did that a few times and they just play dumb... i fixed it myself -
everytime it rains or I was the car I get water in the trunk and then the back seat and back floor boards get wet, Ive tried the caulking around the lights but it still does it, any other recommendations? -
Same problem with water getting in. I'm going to try sealing around the tail lights as suggested. -
Our area has had ice storms, snow, and lots of freezing rain,so I'm driving around with 4 inches of water on my back floor, and no idea how much under the spare tire because I taped all around the tail lights, the trunk: any place water could get in, and it still gets in. I saw a YouTube video on how to fix it, starting with drilling holes to let the water out, but if you drill underneath, you get water in the face, and if you drill inside the trunk, you're drilling through water. Really stinks because I like this car! Being a granny, I can't fix it. Would a body shop fix it because the guys at the garage said it's not an engine problem.. -
Second time in two years: Back driver's side floor is soaked, so I empty the trunk and there's about four inches of water under the spare. From some rain or snow last week. Everything soaked! First time it happened, I thought I'd left the back windows open until I looked in the trunk. So what's a Granny on Social Security to do? -
after a heavy rain i get water in the trunk and rear floor boards. i have been using towels and shamies to pull out the water from the floor boards but unsure of what to do for the trunk...... -
Have always had a wet spot in passenger side wheelwell. Also backseat floor on passengerside. I use drying crystals (like you hang in a closet) and pray for dry weather. -
Leaks like crazy I've put sealant around just about everything and still no luck -
I had these vent like holes in the sides of the trunk right behind the rear tires.. So everytime I drove when it was wet out, water in the trunk do to vents.. So I sprayed expanding foam in them to cure this problem after pulling out the trunk carpet to let dry.. That's when I discovered these so called ill placed vents... -
The same problem as the rest. I don't have a solution -
Truck and back floor boards flood. -
My rear seat is flooded with water everytime it rains. Noticing the problem only recently and have not had this before. Dont want to waste my money to fix this problem since I have been fixing so many stuff already in this car. lol.. Will dispose it and buy a new camry or accord. -
flooding in trunk and back seat when rains -
Flooding trunk and floor rear seat -
Water pooling on floor of the passenger side back seat. -
There is over an inch of water in the trunk wheel well. Alson the back floor boards have at least an inch of water. -
Water fills trunk and back floor when it rains. Mold, Musty odor and smell occur when this happens. -
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