Volkswagen Beetle Problem Report

Volkswagen Beetle Flasher Relay Failure Can Cause Erratic Turn Signal Operation

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Erratic turn signal operation can be a result of a failing turn signal flasher relay which will require replacement.

My blinkers stay on and dont blink just solid green light. -
Left blinker goes 100x faster than the right. Bulb replaced twice and it still goes out. -
My turn signals work only sometimes. They work when I first use them, but the more I use them they stop working? -
turn on the blinker and it blinks once then nothing like you turned it off -
flashes fast on the right side, fine to the left. Haven't gotten it fixed yet. -
Turn signal does not work, this needs to be repaired by a VW dealership at no cost to the customer. The internet is full of people with the same problem with their VW product, its not just the beetle. I am very disappointed with my car, its very hard to maintain. Parts and service are priced out of my range. -
Blinker keeps ticking after using the turn signal. -
Blinkers not working -
Turn signals just quit working - I turned the car off and back on, then they started working again... -
Blinkers stopped working - rapid clicking only... also emergency flashers not working.. -
blinkers work when they feel like it... may go all day with no problem then they stop working... sometimes as im turning they may start working again or if i leave blinker on. -
Had same problem, mechanic replaced relay. -
Erratic blinkers. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I have had them fixed 3 times and then the same thing happens again. -
bang on the lens -
Left turn signal fails to operate. Replaced bulb at dealer twice. Took to dealer a third time. They stated the computer was not reporting a turn signal failure. There was no corrosion found, no short and all wires were sound. The blinker works and then it doesn't. It will work fine for 2 weeks and then it works off and on again. The dealership has no definitive answer and charged me $100.00 for labor! -
No turn signal at all. -
solid turn signal illumination. -
Haven't had it fixed yet as it is intermittent. This will usually occur after a heavy rain. -
right flasher flashes quickly and left is slower paced -
no solution yeaa -
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the hazzards and the turn signals are not working at all. was told it probably is the relay...
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