Infiniti M35 Problem Report

Infiniti M35 Faulty Outside Mirror Actuators May be Replaced Individually

(13 reports)

Our technicians tell us that if a door mirror becomes inoperative due to an actuator fault, the faulty actuator may be replaced, negating the need to replace the entire door mirror.

My passenger side mirror just started doing this. -
Drivers side mirror does what it want to...up...down... clicks 3 times. All this after reprogramming several times. -
2009 M35x. Same problem with right mirror. I set the mirror switch to not adjust when backing up. -
My outside mirrors will tilt down and make a loud clicking noise when I am backing up and they do not return to the original position once I put the car in drive. I have to manually adjust them. -
This started happening to my vehicle a month or so after we purchased it (used) -
I recently purchased an M35x with the same issue. -
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