Honda Civic Si Problem Report

Honda Civic Si Faulty 3rd gear assembly causing shifting problems

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On the Si, a faulty 3rd gear can cause problems shifting into third gear. Removing the transmission and replacing the third gear assembly is required to repair this issue.
Pops out of 3rd and 5th gears, more use makes it pop out much more often. -
I first reported the troublesome 3rd gear a month after purchase. I still have problems with it and just found out there was a TSB on the problem. The dealership never informed me of it. I plan to go in with a copy of the TSB and have this addressed. -
there are difficulties when shifting from second to third -
Third gear either grinds or pops out. -
Grinding or hard shift in to 3rd gear. -
Same problem and it seems to be affecting the other gears now -
I bought this car used at 60,000 miles. 3rd gear routinely pops out when driving. around 80,000 miles 5th gear began to get a notchy grind every time I shifted into, and sometimes would pop out while driving as well. Dealership nor extended warranty offered to fix. Never buy a 2006 Honda Civic Si. -
Is this true? I was having problems shifting into third. I thought it was me. I have 36,190 on my car now. I'll check with honda. -
I have intermittent problems with 3rd gear. I have heard Honda will replace this at the dealership if you are under 80k - I have yet to try. -
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