Ford Escape Problem Report

Ford Escape Check Engine Light and Hesitation or Stumbling While Driving

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The DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor tends to fail. The DPFE sensor monitors function of the EGR valve by measuring pressure changes in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Symptoms of a failing DPFE sensor are hesitation or stumbling when driving along with illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Driving and car suddenly looses power, service engine light comes on. You can turn car off and it will start fine. But when teh car looses power you can't accelatrate but you can hear the motor trying to like catch up it is strange. Very dangerous, almost got rear ended. -
So far have replaced DPFE sensor, EGR valve, three catalytic converters, and check engine light is back on. Have now exceed the value of the vehicle in repairs. This is the worst vehicle I have owned in my almost 40 years of driving. Will never have a Ford again. -
Failed twice. First time after having work done at about 100,000 miles. I replaced with non-OEM. It failed/cracked within 6 months. I replaced with new Ford part. No problems since - except one time I took off the upper intake manifold, and the EGR, EGR tube and all the electrical connectors. Well, I was getting a P1401 (I think this is the code) for high voltage on the EGR valve sensor - this code does not mean the sensor is failing, per say. I didn't connect the electrical connector back up. Once connected it took a few drives for the code to go away. This is a DIY job that takes less than five minutes. -
I have not fixed the problem yet. It started with hesitation and bucking while in drive. I had the oil changed. Had the fuel filter replaced. Needed a new battery. A mechanic told me his best guess is to change the fuel injectors to the tune of $760 and that he still could not guarantee that would completely solve the problem. If he told me $1K would fix the problem, I'd go with it, but I'm not handing over the kinda money for a guess. Next thing I tried was some fuel system cleaner and better gas and that has helped some. Yesterday in the rain, I started to lose power in drive. I put it into 2nd gear and it drove a little better. I came online to look at symptoms of transmission trouble and nothing seems to hit the nail on the head until I saw these posts abou the EGR valve. I have all those problems exactly as stated, to include the check-engine light. I may look into getting this changed or just get a new car. I thought I was going to get stuck in a bad part of town last night. I don't need to keep fearing this. It was also raining VERY heavily and I did go through a fairly deep puddle earlier in the day. -
Engine light came on and the engine lost power. Apple Ford repaired it under warrenty. Said they replaced two sensors. -
The EGR sensor is not functioning and it gives a check engine light. Many other systems are being affected such as the differential and AWD. The coupling assembly had to be replaced and was completely burned up. There was always a smell of something burning. I just had the sensor replaced and the viscus on the rear differential. -
Engine light came on. Notice some hesitations and stumbling while driving almost as if the car was missing on some cylinders. -
waiting to see what the dealer says -
Had this happen to me as well, engine would lose power, stumble..engine light comes on. what finally fixed the problem for me was replacing the throttle body because it would get stuck on open and choke the engine. Quick fix is to clean the throttle body every so often but not a guaranteed fix. just under $500 bill with labor and parts. -
My erg pressure sensor keeps melting ! -
engine light came on ford fixed and explained gas fumes were not being released -
my car is not under warrenty, but only have 56 thousand original miles. the other day I noticed it was misfiring the engine lite came on took in, they checked it out, it was ok for 3 days. Didnt drie it much. Went to take it back and it blew the egr valve. HOLE RIGHT IN THE TOP OF IT. So the catalisic converter was burnt up, so had tghat changed, and egr alve ect. Got it bake, droe a few miles, engine lite came back on. Its in the shope, they changed the senser, and are driving it for a few days to see hoe it is running. So I love the car, any thing I can do to save it? -
Sensor lights keep going on and off have spent $500 dollars replacing sensors and have brought in into the shop 6 times with no results. -
Shudders in neutral -
engine hesitates while drivings an when stopped. -
same problem car bucks, some times not at all while driving and other days or on way back or going , alot, 2006 ford taurus, it gets good gas miles, up to 38, hwy, not good in town, -
Car will stall while in idle at a stop. I also failed the emissions test for California. Engine light remains on -
Hesitates during take off. Dangerous . Can not be fixed, ford doesn't know how. So I'm told. It's a suicide mission to go to the market! -
there is a hissing sound inside -
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