Ford Escape Problem Report

Ford Escape Check Engine Light and Hesitation or Stumbling While Driving

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The DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor tends to fail. The DPFE sensor monitors function of the EGR valve by measuring pressure changes in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Symptoms of a failing DPFE sensor are hesitation or stumbling when driving along with illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Started hesitating and small power loss while under normal driving conditions The code that it threw limited it to the two sensors that were possible. I just replaced both at the same time -
when its damp out, it idlels rough,and barely runs,plus when it runs ok, it misses going up hills.i replaced the egr,and that didnt help .i had it diagnosed n it said my number 5 plug was bad. -
Exact same hesitation with the check engine light. Hooked up a reader and had no codes signifying any issues. Problem with communitation with some sensors. After removing the reader and starting up, the light was off and the hesitation is not happening anymore. -
Check engine Light. Scanned to determine problem DPFE Replaced 3 times now. 1st @ 124,000, 2nd @ 134,000, and 3rd @ 149,000 -
this was a nightmare and it took the mechanic forever to understand why so many issues went wrong at the same time. -
replaced the number one ignition coil, and the EGR pressure sensor twice. good placement of sensor ensure little effort to replace. but can anyone explain the reason why it fails. -
This is the 3rd time we've had to replace the Egr Pressure Sensor Valve, just flat out sucks! -
EGR and or coil on sparkplug failure resulted in explosion in intake manifold. Replaced intake manifold, 2 coils, EGR valve. -
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