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Honda Accord The Brake Pedal May Feel Hard After Vehicle Has Set For Extended Time

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If the brake pedal feels hard the first time it is pressed in the morning, it could be due to a problem with the vacuum supply hose for the brake booster. A revised brake booster hose is available to address this concern.

very cold mornings no brake (hard) backing out of driveway and at the stop sign 70 yards up the road, can't stop -
Brakes get hard and don't stop the car. Replaced master cylinder and brake booster. Suspect issue in check valve. -
When the temperature is in the single digits and the car has been sitting for hours the brake pedal is rock hard and takes several minutes or a couple stops before it will release. -
The brake pedal becomes very hard during winter time when it is very cold. I have having this problem years ago. The brake pedal goes down when the engine warms up for about 5 minutes or so. I do not have any solution yet. I have taken it to the dealreships but they could not find anything because the car was already warm by the I got there. I bought this car in 2007 and have been having this problem. -
My brakes are also not working in the cold weather. Same thing where you push the brake pedal and it will not go down. Has happened 3 days in a row now (weather very cold where I am driving currently) - If you let it warm up it resolves, but this is very dangerous! Hope it is easy to fix. -
I actually have a '09 Honda Fit, but from my understanding, they are made with the same parts. Nonetheless, this has been happening to me in the morning on cold days. I took it to my mechanic, dropped the car off the night before, and of course it didn't do it for him. He has tested every part of the braking system and everything is functioning correctly. No solution as of yet. -
Very cold weather brake pedal goes down the first time so I can change gear but will no go back down. Need to try to pump it for two or three minutes then it works. Very dangerous. Mechanic could not find problem. -
The brakes don't work and need to be pumped several times before kicking in when temperature is below 25 degrees and the car has been sitting for over 4 hours. The first time this happened, I backed straight out into the street and hit a snow bank . Thank goodness it was a snow bank and not a car. Very scary. -
Only on extremely cold (below 10 degrees) mornings after car sits outside overnight. If my car is in the garage - it will never have this problem. Except of course at end of work day for commute home. It usually last for about 3-5 minutes. -
Only an issue when outdoor temps are below 30 , first time I push brake to put car in reverse its ok then brake pedal reak hard and brakes barely work, almost caused accident. If you let it run for a minute or two you can hear a very quiet "click" then brakes work fine. One time at -3 degrees the brakes did this while driving, very dangerous -
brake pedal hard in the morning after sitting all night. Car wont stop. after puming brakes its ok until the next morning. replacedmater cylinder still same problems -
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