Toyota Venza Problem Report

Toyota Venza Factory Alarm May Sound for no Reason

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The factory installed alarm system may sound for no apparent reason. A revised hood latch assembly is available which should correct this concern.

same problem here but the car has to be locked for the alarm to go off. if the car is left unlocked I to not have a problem -
Alarm sounds, periodically, for no reason. Happened 3 times at dentist office; two weeks later at home, two days later at home again. Frustrating. -
Reported problem earlier. Had the hood latch assembly replaced which cost $305. Have now have filed a claim with Toyota Customer service based on the recommendation of my Toyota dealership. Apparently the dealership is seeing quite a few of these repairs. -
I cant deal its 1:45am! -
Alarm goes off in the middle of the night and I key fob will not shut it off. Last night it happened 3 times and I have the horn going off in my head. This should be a recall as I fell if a security system fails what can a consumer do other then go to the dealer. Toyota must know they have issues and should come clean and admit this a recall situation. -
Alarm goes off for no reason. Keys are not anywhere where the alarm button might get pressed by accident. Started happening 5 days ago, is now happening about once or twice every day. -
4Runner alarm goes off each day during the day. -
alarm goes off for no reason -
the alarm sistem y acting without no reason -
I have an 09 Venza, the alarm has been going off every 20 minutes, doesn't matter if it's locked or not locked. It's Sunday and I live in a culdesac, the neighbors are going to love me tonight!! I have issues with the drivers side visor too, which seems to be an issue with Toyota. -
Some times it goes off a few times a day. -
Aalarm goes off for no reason every couple of days unless we leave the doors unlocked. -
The alarm will go off for no apparent reason. The car will actually lock itself and then about a minute later the alarm will go off. -
2010 Toyota Venza factory installed alarm will go off for no reason, usually between 11 pm and 1:30 am. -
I had the same problem for a couple of weeks, and then it went off at 4AM and took it to the dealership the next day. It cost me $290 to change the hood latch. Been 48 hours and nothing yet. -
Alarm goes off for no reason. Car must be locked for it to go off. Can't stop it by pressing the key fob. Very annoying and unsafe as I can't lock my car. -
Car alarm has gone off for no reason 3x in the last few days. I called the dealer & the woman I talked to said she "had never heard of that". A recall is definitely in order! -
Alarm goes off with nothing around to set it off--going off in the middle of the night--not great -
Also, my car alarm started going off , only when car is locked -
Same as everyone else. Alarm goes off randomly for no reason. -
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