Saab 900 Problem Report

Saab 900 Excessive Exhaust Noise from Flex Pipe Failure

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The exhaust flex pipe can fail causing excessive exhaust noise from the front/center area of the vehicle. The flex pipe is a flexible joint in the exhaust that allows for engine movement.

If this is the "basket" looking item attached to the exhaust system under the engine, then I am having the same issue. I heard that the part can be upwards of $500, and I don't think that includes service. There has got to be another way! If anyone knows where I can procure this part (gently used or new), let me know! We've replaced 2 other problem parts already without needing to go to a full-service Saab specialist. -
The upper flex pipe from the manifold broke, and my muffler shop (which can fix anything) said I have to take it to a regular Full-service mechanic. -
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