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Cadillac DeVille Excessive Engine Oil Consumption

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Vehicles equipped with the 4.6L engine may develop excessive oil consumption. Please be advised that under optimum driving conditions, using one quart of oil every 2000 miles is acceptable. This Cadillac standard applies to vehicles with less that 50,000 miles. Our technicians tell us that if you experience excessive oil consumption it may be caused by built up on the piston rings which restricts movement, preventing them from wiping all the oil from the cylinder walls. Oil left behind is then burned during the combustion process. There is a special ring cleaning procedure which can help this situation. The GM service bulletin number is #02-06-01-009C.

Burns 1 quart every 1,000 miles, but does not smoke ar leak. -
I had 3 of 4 window regulators go out within a month of purchase (used). Beautiful car, but it also guzzled oil like it was going out of style. I read the posts and have done the following: every now and then I stomp it real good for a brief run to clean out the carbon. I use Chevron Techron additive every few tanks and switched from cheaper gas to Chevron (with Techron. I have no stock in Chevron, but for weeks now the car hasn't used a drop of oil (thank goodness!). Keeping an eye on it and haven't taken any real freeway trips, but around town, no oil usage. Each car may be different, but I am happier now. -
Since purchase of car, engine uses large amount of oil. Must check oil stick to make sure engine has enough. This problem should have been recalled to be fixed a long time ago. Shame on Cadillac DTS 2000 model. -
At 100k miles my '02 is consuming 1qt every 1100 miles. -
Ours uses about 8 quarts in between oil changes (every 3,500 miles). I call it Extremely excessive oil consumption :) Does not drip any oil nor does it smoke, just drinks it. -
burning 1qt every 1 1/2 weeks! Had pistons cleaned 4/26/11 still burning oil just as much! -
2 quarts every 2000 miles -
3 qts. per 3000 miles. -
common problem. I'm told that adding new oil between oil changes actually helps prolong engine life as the oil doesn't get as dirty as it would normally get between changes. -
vehicle uses a quart of oil approx every 200 miles. no smoke , no leak -
problem is not fixed. Add oil every 2000 miles or so -
My 99 DeVille uses about a quart every 2000 miles. Was using allot more but during a recent head gasket repair I had all the gaskets and seals changed including the oil pan, timing chain, and valve covers. I am going to look into this "ring wiper" issue. -
average adding 2qts of synthetic oil a month -
Don't know why goes through oil just like gas -
1 quart every 700 miles.. -
Cadillac dealer had to do major work on engine. GM is aware of the problem. -
I just recently purchased this car and it had 76,000 plus miles and I noticed the check the oil dipstick warning came on and it was approx. a quart low. I have since added another quart at 78,000 miles. I will drive another 112 miles today and if it need oil again I'll return it back to the dealer for a refund. -
2002 cadillac dts goes though 5 quarts of oil every 2000 mines. No leakage on the garage floor and no excessive or white smoke from exhaust. -
voracious consumption slowed by the use of lucas oil stabilizer.piston slap gone also. -
My 2000 deville uses 1 qt oil every 700 miles,it does not leak or smoke,I will add a good ring cleaner on the next oil change,new pcv,may have to sell auto,any suggestions -
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