Stalling and/or "Crank no Start" Due to Failed Crankshaft Position Sensor on Mercedes-Benz C320

The engine may develop a stalling and/or no start condition due to a failed crankshaft position sensor.

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Average mileage: 99,228 (11,500–195,000)
5 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005
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My wife's 2003 C320 is having the same problems. Sometimes the car keeps on cranking but it won't start and on two occasions the car stalled at the traffic light. We're not sure if it's due to crankshaft position sensor failure but it's very annoying because you dont know what the car will stall. Can anyone tell us the cost to fix the problem? Thank you!
I changed the sensor and for a month no problems then did some short errands and the engine quit at a red light you could crank but it would not start waited about 15 minutes started up drove home ordered another sensor first day in did some short runs and it quit again in a parking lot nearly at a stop waited 20 minutes started back up so I assume its not the sensor going to put original back in any ideas
In the morning the car would start fine. After driving about 20 mins. and turing the car off, if will not start up again. I would have to let it cool off anywhere between 5 - 8 hours. Took it to a mechanic, said the fuel injectors were "going" bad, and it would cost $1,400.00 to replace. I declined his service. Since then, the car will stall out at a light, or even while driving. Took it to Advance Auto for free diagnostic. The codes that came up were P0335, P0123, and P0456. I want to fix and keep the car, but I can't afford to spend $1,400 to fix it, and beside, I don't really trust the mechanic's diagnosis.
chk eng light came on, hooked up code reader ( adv autopart ), bad crankshaft position sensor. car will not start if engine hot. replace crankshaft position sensor about $40. Took 3 hours to find it with on line pictures aid, and 30 minutes to replace
C320 will crank, but not start, "Check Engine" light comes on.
This happened to me twice today. The second time it had to be towed to the dealer. It puts a sour taste in my mouth being I only purchased this car a month and a half ago. I love the looks and the ride but not the problems nor the price to fix them....
crazy problem - looking for answer/ideas on fixing prob - was told: battery, starter, fuel, etc
failed twice every 10k miles...
Had crank sensor replaced but they charged me $100 for the part and $150 for labor. I got ripped off. It's a $40 part and takes 20 minutes to install. Wish i knew then what I know now, posses me off
I have had the crankshaft sensor fail twice. The first time the car would stall, and the dash panel would go completely red and say battery terminal problem. After a few minutes if I removed the key and reinserted it, the car would start again and be good for a day or so. The problem showed up in the engine core as bad crankshaft sensor. About 10000 miles after replacing the sensor, the car gave me trouble starting in the morning and same problem. Obviously these sensors are not manufactured very well.
Crankshaft position sensor: For those that have replaced the crankshaft sensor and the problem reoccurred. Consider replacing both the Crankshaft and the camshaft sensor using the OEM parts (dealer). The two work in unison and often supplied in a "matched" pair. Purportedly calibrated together by the manufacturer. Not always available that way in the aftermarket auto stores
My 2004 c320 wouldn't start after putting gas in it the other day after waiting about 20 minutes it started up again.I assumed it was a loose fuel cap and replaced the fuel cap. While driving the other day it just shut of on me. I waited 20 min and it started back up. I drove about a mile and it shut off Im mad.after reading some of post on this site my issue seemed to be my crankshaft position sensor but when i took it in for repair the mechanic said it was my fuel pump..have not gotten the car back yet but i will post the results when i do. I hope that solves my problem cause im out $490 dollars.
Car will not start until cooled down
Crankshaft position sensor failed, intermittent failure to start when engine was warm. Replaced part and problem gone
Car wouldn't start. Chugged, Check engine light came on. Waited 10 minutes, tried again and car started.
Just replaced the crankshaft positioner sensor
Crank stallings often.. Very annoying...!
This same thing has happened to me twice. Right now car will not start and going to change this part one more time. Hopefully it will work long enough for me to get somewhere to trade this POC in to get a car that I can number one drive and not worry about it shutting off on me going down the road, and number two, not spend a fortune on repairs. So far, the car was expensive enough, but now have changed the MAS, this twice, battery twice, and a number of other things, not to mention 200.00 oil changes every 3000 miles. Really disappointed in this car and will never own another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been having this issue for about a month when I start the car but when I restart the car, It may or may not work fine. Hit or miss. I am taking my car to the shop this weekend.
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