Volkswagen Beetle Problem Report

Volkswagen Beetle Engine Overheating Due to Damaged Water Pump Impeller

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The engine may develop an overheating condition due to a damaged water pump impeller. Our technicians tell us the repair should include replacement of the water pump, thermostat, and flushing the cooling system.

Mine is in the shop for the same problem. I will never own another volkswagon nothing but problems -
water pump cost me $800 to fix. -
Cehck engine light came on while driving to St. Louis. Car was overheating. Had thermostat, waterpump and radiator flushed. -
This particular Beetle has had the water pump replaced 5 times in its' life -
Coolant leak due to above mentioned problem. I guess I'm lucky that it didn't happen sooner, considering the mileage on my car. -
My car is in the shop right now for this same thing! -
over heating but no coolant leaking changed the thermostat...mechanic say waterpump -
Engine temperature would range all over the place. Volkswagen acknowledged there was a problem with plastic impellers on the pump breaking off. They would not cover the replacement of the pump and thermostat costing me over a thousand dollars. -
Replaced the cooling fans and air compressor flushed the cooling system to and it still overheats -
The light that shows that my engine keeps going off, it stays there for about 2 minutes and then it goes away it's kinda scaring me... I'm going to take it to the shop for like the 3rd time. I've only had this car 10 months and it's had lots a problems and also the check engine light is on and it's really pissing me off... But I love this car so much it's the cutest thing ever:) -
over heats and all the anti runs out -
I have had issues with this 3 x . And had to have the water pump replaced. The repair shop finally used VW parts and this fixed the problem. I have noticed that the beetle likes all VW parts. Even the universal windshield wipers didn't work. So now I ask the shop to use all VW parts. It just saves $ in the long run!! -
Running fine for several years then just up and died on the side of the road. The light came on for the water temp and within seconds I lost power and was lucky to pull off of the busy highway. -
when the car is running it gets hot and water boils -
I had this problem a week after I got my car. The waterpump, thermostat were replaced due to overheating and engine light coming on. I went ahead and had the timing belt replaced also since it was a cheap part to replace and it did cost me anymore labor time. -
Car was overheating, told needed a new water pump, needed to have radiator flushed, cost $2000 -
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