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Ford Taurus Engine Oil Pan Gasket May Leak

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The engine oil pan gasket can develop a leak. Leaking oil may accumulate on the exhaust system resulting in a burning smell. Replacing the gasket should correct this leak.

oil pan leak, EZ fix, 20$ part and for anyone doing it yourself YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PULL THE EXHAUST, take loose the oil pump (not off) and the pan will drop down. 9 f/lbs torque to reinstall, do NOT overtighten. 2 hour job at the MOST with NO air tools and jackstands, the old fashioned way :) -
Engine oil pan gasket leaking.Replace gasket. -
The oil started leaking like a flood, it was the oil pan gasket and an expensive repair.. now just a few months later, I have the exact same problem. Leaks about a quart of oil every 30 miles driven.. when the mechanic put it up on the hoist, we could see a large portion of the gasket pushed right out from the pan... -
this car has been nothing but a problem from the day we bought new. -
Not visible , small leak burns off on exhaust manifold -
We noticed a burning smell when we shut the engine down. Ford said the oil pan was leaking and they would charge $288 to fix it. $210 of that is labor which sounds a little high. -
Every gasket on this car leaks. Sometimes really bad and sometimes just a little. Oil Pan,Transmission Pan, Water Pump and Thermostat Housing, Valve Covers and I'm sure other things I haven't found yet. Mileage is 103,000. Car looks nice abd runs well as long as I keep cleaning and filling fluids all the time. I'm sorry I bought it. -
$400 later and waiting for next mechanical problem. -
Minor amount of leaking on oil pan gasket -
oil leaking cost 253.28 -
small leak, notice few drops at first, then size of a golf ball overnight, down a quart every 3000 miles -
Was told by Ford I have an oil pan leak, have not had the money to get fixed yet. They kill you with labor. -
Leaking oil out oil pan gasket. Gasket replaced, problem seems to be solved. -
The oil pan gasket leaked. Cost $350 to replace. Next day the engine light came on. Still dealing with that. -
Oil pan gasket leaks. Started at around 80,000 miles.Car has 130,000 miles have not fixed it yet. -
Been leaking bad -
Skips at times especially at slower speeds. Has been diagnosed as leak in manifold - will need repairs of approximately $600. -
Leaky oil gasket -
I delayed doing a routine oil change, and one day noticed a number of oil drips under car. I looked where I could, but saw nothing. After a few days, there were small puddles of oil underneath, and I had to add oil. I decided to do my oil change service, and while inspecting noticed oil coating numerous surfaces beneath the car. I thought perhaps the oil filter gasket had failed, but it was intact. Inspecting around the oil pan after seeing nothing height up on the engine, revealed the oil pan gasket had blown out in several places, including a large area immediately below the crankshaft/balancer. Engine doesn't burn oil, doesn't backfire, and crankcase ventilation system (PCV) works fine. No obvious culprit for the gasket failure. I'm changing the gasket now, but you must drop the exhaust to remove pan, not just loosen it. Front O2 sensor removal helps. Hidden bolts on brackets don't, but removing passenger side wheel gave access. Reinforced ($$$) gasket is the only way to go. -
3/4/2015 leaking lots of oil. The shop I brought it to quoted $700 repair, parts $300 work 3-4 hours @ $100/hr. They said it was a lot of work because they have to remove exaust or somethin. -
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