Subaru Outback Problem Report

Subaru Outback Engine Oil May Leak From Camshaft/Crankshaft Front Seals

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Front engine oil leaks can develop from the camshaft seal and the crankshaft front seal. If one or more seals require replacement, it may be wise to consider replacing the timing belt as well. These seals are commonly inspected and replaced as needed as part of a timing belt service.

Camshaft seals are leaking badly. -
Crankshaft/Camshaft covered in oil. Most likely the seals are shot. MASSIVE oil leaks daily. Started all of a sudden, oil flows out almost as quickly as i put it in. -
It started recently, just a little oil from one of the engine seals onto the driver side exhaust causing a burning smell. Not sure if its a big enough problem to fix. Ill just watch the oil level. -
This was actually on a '99 Outback, but we still experienced the problem. We experienced a burning oil smell and it was diagnosed as a camshaft seal and the crankshaft seal. -
oil leaking, smoking from crankshaft seals -
was just told by mechanic oil leak is due to camshaft seal leak. estimated repair is $1400 because he has to remove the engine... -
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oil is leaking from underneath the engine. I was told it needs main seals.
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