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Ford Taurus Engine Oil Leak

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The oil pan gasket commonly leaks oil.

1993 Taurus it had been driven little and often sat in the garage before I bought it, so I thought that may have caused the gasket to dry out. Now I see it is a common problem. Now needing to replace it before the engine is damaged from too much loss of oil suddenly. Which had almost happened once already when it first happened unexpected. -
It was one of several things that became an issue after front motor mount failed and I had recurring leaks etc. -
Oil leaking -
car will lock up and get hot. -
Had the car seviced and the person changing the oil reported a leak around the oil pan. Called a certified mechanic and he stated that it would cost about $390, i live on a strict budget and opted out of getting the leak repaired, i do monitor the oil daily to make sure that the leak is not getting any worse. -
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