Chevrolet Impala Problem Report

Chevrolet Impala Engine Oil Leak From Front Crankshaft Seal

(19 reports)

An engine oil leak may develop from the front crankshaft seal. Our technicians tell us a revised front crankshaft seal is available to correct this concern.

dealer fixed under 5 year /100,000 power train warranty N/C -
Front rear crank seal leak and bolt stretched -
bad front crankshift seal -
just found out, my wife had the oil changed tonite, and they told her it was leaking. sounds expensive. -
oil leak....found seal bad -
Changed oil and noticed oil around the front of the engine. -
Oil leak front main seal -
Noticed a small oil spot in garage, front and rear main seals were leaking. Chevy dealer is fixing under warranty. -
Faulty front crankshaft seal causing engine oil leak -
Front and rear crankshaft seals leaking oil -
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