Toyota Corolla Problem Report

Toyota Corolla Engine Mount on Passenger Side Can Wear With High Mileage

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The engine mount on the passenger side of the car can wear out on cars with high mileage. This will put extra stress on the other mounts and the faulty mount will need to be replaced.

Lot of vibration on the passanger side bumber and fender while car is on. -
150,000 miles, engine running ruff. My mechanic diagnosed right away. All mounts were replced. -
motor mount, passenger side, wore out, caused excessive vibration in the car. once replaced was like a new car! -
I have replaced the mount three times. Also had to replace all of the other mounts one time. -
Feels like rough engine idle, started occurring at around 80,000 miles. For example door locks buttons vibrate and rattle in the door while at an idle. -- Tuneups did not help nor carburetor type cleaners. Finally replaced passenger side engine mount at about about 90,000 miles, fixed the problem. Rough idle feeling back again, now at 180,000 miles. I feel it in the steering wheel again at idle. The 90,000 mile replacement motor mount was a dealer original equipment replacement part. I was thinking about purchasing a generic replacement after market mount. After viewing a YouTube video and then reading the review comments, his after market parts were too hard and transmitted the vibration apparently worse than when he started the project. Looks like I will have to go back to the dealer for more substandard parts that work for awhile again, not a plus for Toyota although it's a nice car. -
passenger mount broke -
A lot of noise and even more vibration. Service manager at dealership diagnosed almost right away. Good car. -
Very rough idling turned out to be mounting bolt failure as diagnosed and repaired by a shop. -
Found by Toyota service and fixed by them -
Excessive vibration. Replaced -
Worse with acceleration and up hill. Shaking happens at all speeds, sometimes holding a certain rpm helps smooth the ride. Down hill coast is terrible too, with a little gas shaking diminishes. Driven this way for about 15000 miles. Currently at 218000. -
engine mount replaced -
Engine Mount on Passenger and front side broken. Have already ordered a complete set of engine & transmission mounts to replace all the old mounts. -
I had to replace all the engine mounts due to vibration. -
Horrific vibrating. Replaced all mounts except the passenger side which looks ok. Issue not resolved. Car was in an accident before I got it though...front fender is loose as lifted up on the fender whil running and immediately heard the difference...also the radiator is loose. -
loud rattling noise from engine pulley mounts. Taking to mechanic, will discuss remedies suggested. Thanks -
same thing happened to me. -
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