ENGINE MISS on Pontiac G6

Average mileage: 73,791 (34,000–135,000)
Engines affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder, 3.5L V6, 3.6L V6, 3.9L V6
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 more
24 people reported this problem
18 people shared problem details
2009 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder70,000
All of these people with this same problem, clearly it is something general motors is doing wrong along with the other things(recalls) but you think they will fix it? No, why? because they are rich people who DONT CARE about anything except making millions. They make their products to fail, so that you have to spend money to fix it and they continue to make money!!! So here i am stuck with a 14,000 dollar car that i had for 1 week before it started acting up, and needs a new motor because it cost more to fix the piston! 14,000 dollars for a care that needs a new motor!!! My advice, NEVER buy from them!!! Wish i never got this stupid car!!!!
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Ive noticed that my car while sitting rather at a redlight or in park in the driveway has a miss yet no check engine light the ac was not running took to dealership at 26,000 and they even said it had a miss but since its not logging a code (light) its not worth fooling with yest it does however concern me and its still doing it
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2009 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder135,000
Started missing when you come to stop at a signal light. Very annoying. Took the auto repair shop.Hooked up too computer but not showing anything wrong. Did tuneup, didn't work. Next changed the throttle body. That didn't work. Checked gas tank, had some sludge and a little water. So took it off an cleaned and also cleaned the fuel lines. That still didn't work. Finally someone came from a dealership to the shop. Said he thinks he knows what it is. Had some kind of computer system from the dealership. Hooked it up. Showing it had a bad coil wire. Computer knows which one. So only had that one replaced for now. Guess what, it's working right now. So for now I very pleased.
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2007 Pontiac G6- 3.6L V634,000
my g6 also had a misfire problem on cylinder 1 and 3 with the 3.6v6 VVT engine, hey changed spark plugs and the ignition caps. i actually found the problem online. its not a 'G6" problem its a cadillac problem its there engine and its due to poor timing chains. if you let your oil change go past the 5000km mark even though ur display says 65% oil life remaining the chains expand with heat and throw the engine timing off. once it gets it half inch out ur engine light will come on. there are 3 chains in that engine. get it done before the crank gets ripped up
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2010 Pontiac G6- 3.5L V6
Car just stopped running. Sat for awhile and started again running rough. Stopped waited then started right up.
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2009 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder55,000
my rpms are going up and down. and my engine light is on like wtf lol I hate Pontiac's and GM they suck @SS my other car run better then my other car is a 1993 Nissan 240sx its has 187,000 lol and run better then my Pontiac g6 lol
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2007 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder65,000
cylinder 3 misfire
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2009 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder43,000
G6 has a miss or sputters at a stop.Had fuel line cleaned & tune up with spark plugs replaced.Still happening.Very frustrating.
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2008 Pontiac G6- 3.5L V677,894
My car will shake mostly at redlights or stop signs but the engine light did not come on. The engine light came on briefly and went off and I had it towed to the dealer. They told me that there was antifreeze in my oil and oil in my antifreeze, there was a blown head gasket and he named some other things that was wrong. they told me it will be approxiamtely $5,500 without tax and labor. I had my car towed to a garage. Just waiting for them to give me a price. Hopefully, it will not be as high as the dealer.
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2007 Pontiac G6- 3.9L V6104,000
cost me 3,000 to fi it !!!
2009 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder68,500
TS1015 eng var timing solenoid for pontiac G6 2009
pontiac g6 gtp had it 2 weeks now its not running needs 4 timing chains ...... cost 4,100 .....GM NEEDS TO REPLACE MOTOR .....ITS A CADILLAC MOTOR UGH !
2007 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder58,000
replaced plugs, cleaned injectors, same issue. worse when cold or at stoplight
2008 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder69,000
At a stop my car would sputter or shake. I was told it was misfiring in one of my cyliner's and that it is either the coils or wires. Not fixed yet.
2008 Pontiac G6- 3.6L V6
Jerking when you first press down in the gas.. Trying to pick up speed
I experience the same thing.
2009 Pontiac G6- 2.4L 4 Cylinder62,000
Car misses on acceleration. Two or three times and then it runs smooth until car is slowed and you speed up again. I took it to a dealer and he said the mechanic cleaned out the throttle body. I am not a mechanic and I don't know what he cleaned out. The car still has the same problem. Service engine light does not come on.
2007 Pontiac G6- 3.5L V681,000
#2 cylinder misfire...P0302.replaced plugs,wire,coil pack,swapped injectors.found compression 30 psi lower than neighboring cylinders.Oil in plugs hole didn't raise it but since oil pan needed to come off to reseal,rings were put on #2 piston.Sent head out and had valve job done.Was driving nice but after sitting at idle for awhile ses lamp came back on and vehicle started to miss.Have to check cam closer now.This car is a toilet.I've been repairing cars for many years and never run into such a mess.The car is fine not idling but have it sit and idle for a bit and it starts to act up.I've tried to be very logical in my approach.Everyone I've asked about it hasn't got a clue.I guess I'm wondering how common worn cams are on this 3.5L engine.I guess I'll try and find out tommorrow!
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