Mazda Protege Problem Report

Mazda Protege Engine Cranks and Doesn't Start

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An electrically shorted air flow sensor can cause a crank-no start condition. Diagnosis may show that ignition spark is normal, and there are no trouble codes stored.

Engine cranks but does not start. When used some starting fluid at air intake it starts or tries to start for a while before stopping. Checked the fuel filter it was clean, but surprisingly there was not fuel in the lines, everything was totally dry. Filled more gas in the tank, but the situation does not change, no fuel in the lines. I am pretty sure that the gas is locked in the tank either pump or some kind of safety valve. Will appreciate if some one can help -
I have this problem too ive tried evrything i changed the spark plugs and checked everything my car sounds like its going to start but then i just turns off -
Cranks won't start. Starts after about 15 mins of trying. Will periodically chug and die. Restarts after 15 mins of sitting. No check engine light. -
2001 Mazda Protégé LX 2.0. Same problem. Will sometimes miss while driving and then will sometimes turn over but not start. Had it looked at 3 times and they told me I would have to bring it in when it was in the condition of not starting. Now how could I bring it in if it didn't start? -
Car turns over but wont start-I had just put on timing chain--not fixed yet -
Would only crank and not quite start. I replaced the MAF Sensor last year and it has new plugs and wires. It is a fun car other than that and has been very reliable. -
engine cranks but dont start -
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