Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille Electronic Level Ride System May Fail

(96 reports)

The electronic level ride system may not work properly; this may result in the rear of the vehicle riding too high or too low. Our technicians tell us that a height sensor or exhaust valve failure are common issues with this system. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to confirm the exact fault.

rear air shocks leaked. WAY expensive to replace with OEM, so installed spring shocks and bypass resistors. Worked great! -
when i drive down the road the rearend sways side to side. i haven't tried anything yet. i am looking for the solution. -
My car is not sitting at the proper height,Its saging and I have to watch how I back out of driveways.Its not sagging to the ground. -
Vehicle seldom used to transport passengers. First noticed when two persons, with baggage, was being transported to Airport, noticed vehicle ride was exceptionally rough and very low in the rear, barely clearing the ground. It continued to sit low but ride improved when passengers were dropped. A check with the Cadillac Dealer quoted an outrageous price to diagnose the problem, therefore, no repair or diagnosis were ever done to date. Vehicle has only 72,000 miles. -
rear of car rides too low; mud flaps drag -
my 1990 Cadillac Deville Coupe's rear end drops down after about 10 minutes of driving. I have 20 inch rims on it so that is a problem because the tires rub. i put on new shocks thinking that was the problem, for the most part its fixed but say when i drive up a steep hill and the back end drops below a certian point the back end wont level back up to where it should be -
The rear of this car,seems to sit a little higher -
My car is riding to low. I dont have the money for repairs.But,i can do it my self,if someone tell me/ -
Compressor does not run. Checked relay/ fuses. Ok. -
rear end too low! -
Looks level but extremely soft ride and bottoms out easily when going over slight bumps or RR crossings. -
Does not work at all -
Electric ride system message shows up -
Level ride system message shows up -
Rear air leveling compressor failed, leaks in the air lines suspected for burning out compressor. $4,000 to fix. -
it wont air up in back -
Gauges aren't showing,radio stop workin, fans,and power windows. It goes on and off sometimes and car wont crank. -
Rear end to low -
air leaks and one strut makes the car bottem out -
I have that problem on my 1999 Concorde review sitting too low -
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