Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem Report

Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems With Brake Lights Due to Damaged Electrical Contacts

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Electrical contacts in the tail lamp housing tend to break or melt, which can cause the brake lights to fail or work intermittently. Complete inspection of the tail light housing and bulbs is recommended before replacing any parts.

I have had a tail light/brake light issue ever since buying my Jeep used in 2004. I have replaced the sockets, used aluminum foil as suggested as numerous forums and last February eve bought an entire rear light assembly. A few months ago the passenger side tail light stopped working again. I can't figure it out and am afraid of being ticketed or worse, involved in an accident. So disappointed in Jeep for not coming up with a solution to a KNOWN issue. -
all rear lights work untill you push breakpedel,then the pass-side will go out.let off break pedel they come back on. -
When the head lights are on the left brake light will not work. -
Had problem for years with rear passenger side light brake light burning out. Finally went to a salvage yard and got a replacement light unit..end of problem. Examination of the old unit revealed fused metal on light contact with unit, apparently shorted and overheated breaking the contact -
Due to the housing being plastic the contacts pull apart due to melting. I have replaced the entire light bar twice, at a significant cost, and replaced the socket only on two separate dates. When the light goes out now I open the contacts again until they can make a complete circuit. This however is only a temporary fix, sometimes it will last for several months. Jeep is aware of this problem but will not retrofit due to cost on their end. -
Hey, So I've had the problem with the right tail light in my grand cherokee 2004; When the lights were on, the brake light wouldn't work. I couldn't solve it until my turn signal/hazard light stopped working as well. Replacing Turn Signal Flasher that's next to the steering wheel solved all the lights problem. It was only $32, find it on parts geek website, good luck! -
Driver side brake light out. Followed instructions found on-line to pry up contacts with flat head screwdriver. No problems since...approx 6 months ago. -
When my lights are on and i hit my brakes my one break light doesnt work but when lights r off my brake light works -
Passenger side: when hit brake lights no lights work on passenger side, no talilight or brake light have swapped sockets with driver side, see alot of rust around contacts where sockets twist in or passenger side, the driverside is fine. Also turn signal quit working, twisting of socket got it to work and some smacking on the back of taillight (circut board) but now cant get reverse lights to work. Think im going to have to get new taillight or get new circut board on passenger side...having problem unplugging wire harness from it now..will hopefully find help so I dont have to take to expensive mechanic.. -
tail lights not getting ground added a ground brake lights want come on when i push brake pedal -
I just bought a 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo, really looking good. Everything was fine until I go stopped by the police for not having brake lights. He didn't give a ticket and I went home as break lights are a major safety issue. I found that the break lights work if I don,t have the head lights on. If I manually put he head light on, the break lights will not work, except for the 3rd rear light above the tail gate. If I leave the head lights in the AUTO mode the break lights will work. It seams to be a little more complex than a contact problem. I have inspected one of the rear housing but saw no burning or contact issue. Please! If you have any ideas or know the fix for this problem, please let me know. Best wishes. Bira -
Replaced bulbs,then 2nd time entire fixture after tickets. Now with ticket and jail time looking into led fixture or should I just look for a different vehicle? -
Brake lights quit working and sometimes the doors will not lock/unlock when pushed -
Right turn signal and rear lights not working at all. Have not had it fixed yet but sounds like it could be fused metal on light contact causing to short and overheat!!! -
left side tail light blinks intermittently -
Tail light work fine with running lights/headlights off but are dim or do not wrk with them on -
My brother has worked on it twice and is working for the time being -
Both the brake lights and taillights stopped working. I adjusted the contacts as suggested by numerous forums and that fixed the taillights but the brake lights still do not work. Now the brake light fuse blows as soon as I turn on the vehicle. Not sure where to go from here. Clearly there is a short somewhere. -
Still battling with tail lights. Have replaced bulbs, bulb inserts, and whole taillight assembly. Still not working. I've had to deal with this issue every couple of years. Jeep won't recall or remedy the situation as, "there have not been enough fatalities" to warrant it. -
Housing advises bulb# different then manual . Hatch brake light won't work , burns out bulb when it gets to hot, or when it does work or gets too hot , gets to hot the makes it and the taillights stay until removing the hatchlight and turning turning car off and on. Then. The tail lights will go off. Tail lights are really dim. When bulbs are in and he sleepy time. a good. -
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