Mini Cooper Problem Report

Mini Cooper Electric Power Steering Pump May Fail

(26 reports)

Minis have an electric power steering pump that is prone to failure. When replacing the pump, our technicians advise inspecting the cooling fan because it is often the cause of the failure of the pump.

Complete failure of the power steering while I was driving around a corner - no prior warning whatsoever that anything was wrong with the car. -
Power steering pump stuck in the running mode, and had to be disconnected. -
The power steering pump is making a lot of noise, so I had a shop check it out. Power steering pump is toast (although still operating) and it is due to the fan not running properly. Estimated cost to repair is $1300. -
Steering wheel locks up intermittently. Took it to the dealership today. They're checking to see if it is the pump. I should hear back from them later today. -
Diagnosed by repair facility. Radiator and cooling fan failure as well, which was fixed. Not yet replaced as very expensive to repair -
Steering pump failure a few times. Once when car was turned offit would continue to make noise and power steerinfG kept running despite car being off. Had to drive around the block to get it to stop. Now it's been fine for a few months but im waiting for it to happen again. Mini dealership had done a repair on the steering about 5 years ago so they wouldn't do it again although the first repair was done n/cueca use it was a factory recall. -
My power steering pump went out at 105,000 in 2013. The vehicle was assembled in June 2006. -
Not fixed yet - very hot day. I parallel parked and as I was pulling away from the curb I felt a tightening of the wheel. -
First the fan started to go so I had it replaced in early April. Today I'm told the pump has died and has to be replaced. I'm going to have spent about $5,000 on maintenance over a 12 month period. Not too happy right now (though I usually love my car). (I'm up in Toronto, Canada but need to put a US Zip Code on here) -
My Husband drives a 2004 Mini Coooper and 3 months after he bought it uesd the power steering pump went out. The Mini dealership wanted 1300 to fix it, the dealer we got it from said he'd WORK with us on the price to fix it.... We still have yet to fix it. This morning he goes out and it turns over once, all lights go on and then it all goes dark and quiet... I go in to the front to the engine fuse box and pull the engine fuse and the ignition fuse and then he tries it again. There ya started.... I love the car but it's a pain in the neck!!!! -
power steering just went out,not fixed yet -
power steering pump failed -
am replacing the fan and fun to drive without ps...although I have. -
just finished spending 2200.00 for a new clutch. 2 days after that, the power steering pump failed to turn off after the ignition is disengaged. each time i stop, i have to unhook the battery or it will go dead. estimated repair is 1100 -
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