Mini Cooper S Problem Report

Mini Cooper S Electric Door Locks May Malfunction

(10 reports)

There are reports of the electric door locks malfunctioning.

locks keeps locking and unlocking every couple of minutes (as it was being activated by the remote key). is this a computer malfuntion?) -
drivers side door won't unlock remotely but will lock. Works with key. -
Passenger door doesn't open from the inside anymore, only from the outside which is a pain if I have a passenger. I watched a U-tube video and it didn't look to complicated to fix, but I'd rather not mess it up further. -
The electric doors locks does not work anymore. The mini cooper dealer in Studio city is asking $ 565 to fix it. -
one day my mini passenger door was opening and shutting fine using the interior handle, and the next thing i know it doesnt, it still works from the outside handle though but it is kind of a PITA to roll down the window and open it from the outside...i took it to the shop and they quoted me $300 for replacing the door lock actuator. -
Drivers side door lock just stopped unlocking with the key. Will lock but just spins all the way around when I try to unlock it. -
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